Movie Lovers Rejoice

In the past, movie lovers had few options solar movies    available to them. They could go out to the movie theater; however, that meant paying rapidly rising ticket prices and having to deal with audience members who were less than polite. In addition, movies are only shown at certain times which might not be convenient when you are in the mood to see a movie. Another option would be to rent a movie but that has its drawbacks as well. The price to rent a movie is on the rise as well. In addition, if you find that you have forgotten to turn in your movie on time, you may be subjected to late charges that can become quite expensive.

Satellite television providers; however, offer a third alternative that is easy, affordable and convenient. A wide selection of movie channels and movie channels are available to subscribers through satellite television service providers. These movie channels and packages provide consumers with the flexibility of choosing a movie channel any time they wish and instead of being limited to just one or two channels they can choose from a seemingly endless variety of options. In addition, there is the added benefit to parents of being able to utilize parental watch locks to ensure their minor children do not gain access to mature programming.

HBO is just one such option. In the past; however, movie viewers had only one HBO channel to watch. Today that is no longer the case. There are now numerous movie channels made available by HBO. These options include HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO-E, HBO-W, HBO Comedy and HBO Latino.

Other satellite television movie packages are also available through satellite television providers including Showtime, Cinemax and Starz. Numerous channels are available through each individual movie package. Basically, this allows the satellite movie subscriber to turn their television into their own private mini-theater and take advantage of literally hours of fine movie entertainment.

As if these were not enough options, the Dish Network and Direct TV are continually looking to offer even more movie options as well. Pay-per-view channels are just one such option. This option allows subscribers the convenience of being able to watch some of the latest movies right in the comfort of their home without any worries or concerns over making a trip to the video rental store, hoping the movie they want is in and paying late fees. Many pay-per-view movie channels run certain movie selections all day; allowing consumers the opportunity to watch a movie at practically anytime it is convenient for them.

At least one satellite TV provider is currently running a video on demand service in test mode at select locations around the country that would allow consumers to download movies when they wish, with the ability to choose from thousands of options. Although the service has, as of yet, to be only provided in beta mode at specific locations around the country it is anticipated that the service may soon be available to all consumers throughout the country.

With the wide variety of movie channel packages, pay-per-view and video on demand options available, movie lovers have the ability to fulfill their movie addiction to their heart’s content.

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