How to Raise a Good Roof? – A Quick Look

Have you heard of the truism “raise a good roof”? Well, the house that we live in, the roof of the house primarily gives us protection. It provides us shelter from weather, especially from rain, wind, snow and heat. From ancient times, human beings have built the ceiling of their homes with a number of materials. Cavemen sheltered themselves using sod roofs made up of earth and plants. Later on came the thatched roof with clay tiles. As civilization progressed, concrete tiles got introduced. In the modern century, green covering systems have become much popular. Site: With technological advancements presently, we are witnessing the use of glass and smog absorbing tiles.

There are many kinds of roof tiles, available to suit different housing needs. The most commonly used tiles are cement, slate, plain, reinforced, metal and synthetic tile. Cement tiles are usually concrete and is fireproof. It has low maintenance cost but in comparison to clay tiles it is costlier. Slate tiles are usually heavy but are fragile. Hence, you need to look for a roofing expert to install the same. A very expensive option could be the fiber reinforced tile. The best part of this material is its texture. Normally metal tiles are either cheap or expensive, but not strong enough. On the other hand synthetic tiles are mostly installed as sub-roof.

Angled parapets are by far the commonest choice; however, flat roofs are also in vogue. This option is beneficial for hot weather climates. Not only do you get aesthetic value, but this roofing is also available in modern designs. A flat ceiling with tinted glass is the current design choice for many consumers. To have a designer flat roof, you need not bother about the costs. This is because flat cupolas are cheaper and that means low energy bills. Moreover, they cost substantially less in terms of the labor to install and the materials used. Whenever it needs repair, remember to hire a roofing contractor, specialized in flat roof repairs.

The cons of having a flat turf is they are vulnerable to drainage problems. Therefore it is advisable to use dome skylights for such kinds of ceiling. Therefore having a flat roof needs proper maintenance. If not it can lead to serious damage repair costs. So, as sensible home owners, you should opt for the durable alternative. Do not forget to overlook your ceilings when they demand your attention. To hire the best contractors refer back to insurance agents, company certifications and client recommendations.

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